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The one thing I hear from the vast majority of my clients is there’s never enough time, juggling work, family or multi sport commitments is difficult enough. Finding 10 hours + per week for swim training is just not feasible for most working people.

So What can we do ?

Modern sports science does offer some alternatives. You may have read the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss, or looked into ultra short race pace training, hoping to get the benefits of training in fewer hours.

When I coached City of Liverpool Masters we only had 3 90 minute sessions of pool time per week yet we still managed to achieve British and European records in age groups from 25 to 60+.

How did we do it

Succinctly you train smart and you train specifics. You don’t have time to do anything else. Ask yourself in every session is what I’m doing helping me reach my goal? If not why do it? Swimming lap after lap at the same pace mindlessly, although great for general health, won’t make you faster.

What will make you faster

Improving your technique with simple easy to follow instructions and training in a way that is specific to your race distance.

What swimmers and triathletes like you are saying about the plan.

Highly recommend Anthony for coaching no matter of your swimming ability. Fantastic return for your time spent in the water. I have dropped my CSS pace by 7 secs in just a few weeks of following Anthony’s plan.

“that was great Anthony I can feel myself getting fitter and stronger already”

“Watch says SWOLF down to 27 which I’ve never seen before so going the right way” ( saying 26 less than a week later)

“25m stroke counts were between 19 and 23…..when I had head position at 45 degrees and focused on catch and pull it was less. When I get tired I’ve notice my head starts to move and this also increases my stroke count. In general I am a lot more focused on holding my stroke while I swim”

“Loving your tips and explanation-puts more meaning into what we are doing, so thank you again for this”

” for years I’ve been turning up at the pool with no idea of what I was going to do that session and my times where slowly getting worse. I thought this was just the effect of age. I’m going into the pool now with focus and determination,yes the sessions are hard but I’m swimming faster and feeling better in the water than ever. Thanks again Anthony”

Only started last week on 3rd session and swolf already down by 3. hard training but great information. easy to contact and quick replies to queries. program tailored to your individual ability.

Sessions are delivered weekly and will teach you the drills and skills needed to ensure you’re faster on race day.

Payment options in euro or GBP below you can cancel at any time.

For a limited period the program will be offered for just 30 euros per month you can cancel at anytime. If your stuck in a training plateau and want to get faster this is the answer.

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